About us

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, in a beautiful ancient valley - there was a food factory that made feed for all kinds of animals. This factory applied the most advanced knowledge in order to produce the best feed for all creatures. The factory -Zemach Feed Mill - is today one of Israel's largest manufacturers of animal feed. An agricultural co-operative situated in the lush Jordan Valley, by the Sea of Galilee in the North Israel. Zemach Feed Mill was established over 50 years ago by a group of local dairy and poultry farmers. At that time, the main production was feed for livestock, broilers and fisheries. Zemach purchased the first extruder some 25 years ago due to the increased demand for high quality feed. Over the years Zemach Feed Mill specialised in extruded feed technology to become Israel's top producer of extruded feeds. Zemach Extrufeed became the factory's extrusion division.


Zemach Israpet, ZiPet for short, was established in 2016. ZiPet, is the commercial branch of Zemach Extrufeed - handling all sales, marketing and distribution in the Pets field. Today, ZiPet brings out the best of both worlds: A large-scale production plant coupled with the personal feel of the independent commercial division.