Your brand, our expertise

Would you like to have your own name brand of dog food? Can you imagine your store logo on a specialized line of food for cats? then private label is the right choice for you. At Zipet, we offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a quick project to widen your product portfolio, or, you want a customized food that only you would have, we can do it all.

The process:

You begin by defining what you want, an off the shelf formula or a complete custom. We can offer tens of "ready to produce" formulas and a huge selection of raw materials and additives. Next, you will choose your packaging: size, material and graphics. Our team will be with you through the process to assist and consult you with these questions. After all is chosen, we'll produce the food, bag it and have it ready for you to be shipped.

But wait, we're no done yet… even after shipping, our job is not over. we take full responsibility for quality assurance and for any other assistance you might need. We can offer you logistic solutions, storage, dietary service and much more.